Gyula Sági graduated in Painting at the West Hungarian University in 2010. He lives and works in Berlin. Sagi's motifs and techniques are pure energy. He creates relying on his spiritual intuition. His repetitive structures focus on the inner structuring order of the all-embracing cosmos. After his studies, he practices bee-keeping and directly observed the intelligent, self-ordering and repetitive structures of nature. He uses structure which can be found in nature and he abstracts these to such a degree in which they could only be perceived at the level of signs. The common characteristic of every living structure is the repetitive nature of its visual signs such as DNA structures, hair, branches, etc. Repetition is the same at both micro and macro level. The artistic process is based on subconscious, dynamic and energetic gestures of abstract expressionism, but in a repetitively controlled way. He usually uses indigo ink on canvas, or paper as a medium of his artworks and concentrates on the pure structures of the things. His works are inspired by the movements of German New Expressionism and European Art Informel.


On his current works a certain process could be perceived as his attention shifts from organic structures to geometric systems. The serial organic signs are becoming more and more geometric – his main interest lies in rhythm and energy as compositional elements like absence, intermission and caesura play an important role in them.





International Künst Heute 2016
edited by Martina Kolle, Ingrid Gardill.
  Marie Pierre Guiennot, Sun- Hyuk Kim, Annya Sand, Gyula Sagi –
Galerie Oneiro


Artportal - Serialist, Paris - azt mondod absztrakt?

Mentális absztrakciók - Gyula Sági

Diploma exhibition- Szombathely